What Is Private Duty

Transcription of Video

Hi, my name is Heather Cushing, my title with right at home is Director of Community Outreach. And that is what I do. I tell the community what private duty is, which is what I am going to inform you of today. Private Duty is when a caregiver that has been trained goes inside someone’s house, usually an adult and takes care of them in their own home so that they do not have to go into a nursing home. They provide meals, transportation if they must go to a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, and they also clean the house. We can also assist with shower and bathing. We can even help at the time of hospice so that the family can rest, and we can be the ones to get up in the middle of the night. Private duty offers companionship for your mother or father, medication reminders... we do a lot of things! You can think of us as extended family members.

Who Pays for Private Duty Care?

So, if you are wondering how to pay for private duty well it is called private duty because you pay for it privately. Usually, the person pays for it out of pocket. A lot of the time when there are adult children wanting extra help for their parents they will get together, pitch in and pay for it. Trust funds, workman’s comp insurance, veterans long term care insurance pays for private duty as well. So, normally it is paid for out of pocket. What Area Does Right at Home Service? I work for Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance. We are a franchise, we have 467 franchises, even internationally. My office is in St. Charles County, Missouri. Out of the franchises in Missouri as well as all the in-home care in the state we are the most awarded in-home care company and we have been in business for over 14 years. Again, serving St. Charles County, Warren County, Lincoln County, North St. Louis County. We keep your loved ones right at home, with Right at Home.

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