What Is Home Health?

Transcription of Video: What Is Home Health?

Hi friends! My name is Sahara D. Veach and I am the Director of Marketing for Envision – a 5-Star Medicare Rated Home Health Agency serving the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

I’m a non-clinical person working in a clinical world with a mission to educate the senior population and their family on healthcare, their rights, as well as their options.

Today we are going to learn about home health and what it is!

Home Health is medical skilled care that is provided wherever your home may be – a few examples of this would be your apartment, your care facility, or your family’s home.

It’s usually LESS expensive and MORE convenient.

1. Your doctor decides that you need medical care at home – this usually occurs after a hospital stay or when your health has declined, and your doctor has decided that you need a little bit of help to stay well and strong.

2. A comprehensive in-home assessment occurs where our highly skilled clinicians will determine your needs and work with you to develop a plan of care centered around you and your goals

3. Your home health provider orders the services that you need from your doctor – you do not have to do a thing!

4. Nurses and therapists will then start care in your home! Your clinical team will help you to meet your health goals, keeping you safe and independent while remaining in the comfort of YOUR home.

For more information, contact Envision by calling or emailing us at: (636) 695-4330 or info@envisionhealthpartners.com

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