Why Envision Runs the Best Senior Wellness Centers in St. Louis

Elderly woman smiling because she’s happy with the services offered by her senior wellness center

When you move into an independent or assisted living community, your active lifestyle doesn’t have to come to a sudden stop. You deserve a senior wellness center as vibrant as you are – and one that celebrates your interests and hobbies!

Envision Health Partners has paired up with local senior living centers to bring our holistic Wellness Program not only to residents, but to any senior in St. Louis. This isn’t all bingo, board games and bocce ball, but a complete lineup of exercise classes, continuing education workshops and healthy living programs that power the body and mind.

With benefits like these, it’s not surprising that Envision and our partner communities stand out from other senior wellness centers in the St. Louis region.

Seniors having fun practicing their balance and strength in a chair exercise

Classes and activities that engage the whole person

At Park Place Independent Center in O’Fallon and St. Catherine Retirement Community in Florissant, seniors can sign up for Envision’s Wellness Program – even if you still live at home – for just $45 a month. A low-cost alternative to traditional gyms, our Wellness Program allows you to participate in as many activities as you want to each month, from exercise classes that energize the body to massage sessions that relax it.

Instead of one or two expert-led classes that many senior wellness centers offer once or twice a week, Envision offers a variety of weekday sessions that work every muscle of the body, helping to improve balance, core stability, flexibility, strength, and cardio health. These include:

  • Stretch, Strength & Balance
  • Chair Yoga
  • Active Aquatic
  • Fun Fit Fridays
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Class

All Wellness Program members undergo an initial assessment when joining to gauge your health status and challenges and receive quarterly evaluations as you work toward your individual health goals. In addition, Envision offers massage sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesday at both senior wellness centers in St. Louis to help seniors manage pain and improve relaxation.

Want To Join?

A full calendar of summer events for seniors is available right here.

Taking holistic care to the next step

Unlike other senior wellness centers and gyms that focus on physical activity only, Envision offers classes and events that help seniors like you strengthen your cognitive capacity, relieve the stress that comes with aging, build friendships, and find new ways to uncover your creativity. Just a sample of our offerings include:

  • Journaling Club
  • Small Group Sharing Sessions
  • Mindful Meditation & Relaxation
  • Gratitude Gathering

We also pair this focus on physical and emotional health with continuing education classes covering everything from chronic disease prevention to long-term planning as well as trivia nights, guest speakers, group outings, and health fairs.

Senior woman being comforted in a small group sharing session

Discover the best senior wellness center in St. Louis for yourself

Don’t live at Park Place or St. Catherine? No worries – you can take full advantage of Envision Health Partners’ Wellness Program no matter where you live! Just contact our wellness team for a consultation at 636-695-4330, and we can schedule your free, no-obligation tour at your closest location. You’re even invited to take part in a class to see and feel the Envision difference for yourself!

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