Senior Health Care Services for a Mobile Winter

St. Louis winters can be brutal, and the last thing you want to do after an injury or surgery is slip and slide your way to the doctor or physical therapist to get the care you need.

Instead of facing the cold, ice and snow this winter, let Envision Health Partners bring the best in home health care to you all season long! By remaining in the warmth and comfort of your house, you can focus on your rehabilitation instead of worrying about how to get to appointments. Even more important, less time spent on icy driveways and parking lots means less risk of falls and reinjury!

elderly smiles with a nurse thanks to senior health care services

Why senior home care is so important during the colder months

St. Louis’ slippery sidewalks are an injury waiting to happen for anyone making their way outside. But for seniors, they can be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of injury for people over age 65. In fact, 800,000 seniors are hospitalized for falls each year, and 27,000 die from their injuries.

In addition, hypothermia is a serious issue during the winter season. The National Institute on Aging notes that older adults lose body heat faster than younger individuals. Plus, changes in the body can make it more difficult for you to realize just how cold you really feel. Add to the mix illnesses like thyroid disorders, diabetes and Parkinson’s, which make it harder for your body to retain heat, and too much time outside can be incredibly dangerous.

Envision offers a variety of in home health care services to ensure you don’t have to step outside on the most treacherous of winter days. In addition to physical, speech and occupational therapy, Envision staffs our team with expert nurses to assist with basic health monitoring, medication management and wound treatment as well as certified nurse assistants who can help you with daily activities like bathing and dressing. And because our staff stays in continual contact with your medical providers, it means less trips to the doctor as you recover.

As a bonus, Envision’s senior health care services includes a review of your daily activities and a thorough home analysis to see if certain modifications can keep you protected this season. For instance, your nurse may recommend a programmable thermostat to ensure your home always stays at a safe 70 degrees or your physical therapist may offer simple tips for maneuvering around ice and snow when you do have to leave your house.

senior couple smile in front of their family after going through Senior Health Care Services

Find home health care services in St. Louis this winter

With Envision senior home care, you can spend the winter recouping at home and get back on your feet by spring to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities! We combine our holistic care plans with our in home health care experts to offer you a higher level of care than many rehabilitation facilities and delivers it right to you. To learn more about senior home care and to receive a free health assessment, contact Envision today.

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