Personalized Skilled Home Healthcare For St. Louis Seniors

Every St. Louis area senior is special, and every situation is unique. Yet, many skilled home healthcare companies deliver the same level of care across the board, treating the illness or injury instead of the individual. With their help, your loved one can recover from a debilitating condition, but once care is complete, they may experience a setback, or worse, a reinjury or relapse.

The best home care providers in greater St. Louis know overcoming physical and emotional challenges that accompany aging requires crafting a complete, customized care plan that treats the whole person. At Envision Health Partners St. Louis, a team of professionals work together to inform, educate, and empower each and every patient from day one to keep the momentum going long after treatment is over.



Better home healthcare means delivering holistic care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 12,000 home health care services companies in the U.S. However, few deliver holistic skilled home care to patients. That’s where Envision is different – we deliver carefully personalized to your loved one’s medical condition, personal needs, and overall goals. And we meet you where you're at across the greater St. Louis area.

Whether they want to get back on the golf course in the next few months or simply want to make their home safer to prevent future injuries, we’re with them at every step in the recovery process and beyond. Just a few of our services include:

  • Traditional Skilled Home Care and Therapy– Envision works with your loved one’s medical team to deliver high-quality services right at home, from wound care and medication management to physical and occupational therapy.
  • Spiritual Services –When a senior is home-bound, they can lose their sense of purpose. Envision offers spiritual counseling as requested to help seniors focus on their faith and rediscover their own unique gifts to the world.
  • Senior Fitness –We offer wellness and fitness classes at senior centers across St. Louis, and any Envision client is welcome to attend, even if they still live at home. With classes like yoga, aerobics, and aquatics, seniors can ease back into exercise following an injury or illness.
  • Emotional Wellness –In addition to exercise classes, clients can take part in small groups, meditation sessions, and continuing education classes to keep their minds as active as their bodies. They also build a community of fellow seniors to ease the isolation that affects so many in their golden years.
  • Home Safety Programs –Envision partners with Phoenix Furniture to help seniors and their families outfit their home with lift chairs, rounded-edge tables, and other furniture that improves their mobility and reduces the risks of falls and injuries.

Explore Envision’s full lineup of personalized home healthcare services to discover just how we can create the perfect plan for your loved one when they require better home health care.

A personal approach to skilled home healthcare improves outcomes

Getting care at home following a surgery, accident, or illness is less expensive than receiving it at a skilled nursing facility. And according to an article from U.S. News & World Report, skilled home healthcare gives patients greater say over their care and delivers better outcomes thanks to the one-on-one connections with professional caregivers.

However, care is only as good as those who deliver it. That’s why the personal aspect of home health care is so important to Envision. We not only meet with the patient, but we also meet with their family, therapists, and providers to identify the best plan of action to get them back on their feet sooner with less pain – and to keep them active for as long as possible.

At Envision, we also know a one-fits-all approach to care is futile. That’s why we get to know each patient as the incredible person they are. When we learn their hobbies and passions, ask where they went to high school, listen to their stories, and celebrate their accomplishments with them, we can better identify the challenges that stand in their way of recovery and help them find the best way to overcome them.

Discover the Envision difference for your family

Envision’s total custom care package makes us ideal for families who want holistic home care services for their loved one – and why our home healthcare reviews are some of the best in St. Louis! Whether the senior in your life has suffered a setback in their health or if you simply want to them to feel safer in their own home, Envision offers a free, no obligation health assessment. Our goal is to better understand your loved one’s needs so that we can keep them out of the hospital or nursing facility longer! To learn more, contact our in home healthcare team today!