Skilled Home Care For Your St. Louis Area Senior

Caring for a loved one can feel overwhelming for even the most dedicated caregiver. Thankfully, skilled home care from Envision Health Partners provides St. Louis seniors with the ultimate in professional care right at home and gives family members the respite they need.

As age takes its toll on the physical health of today’s Baby Boomers, its impact on their family members continues to grow. One-third of older adults who live outside the hospital live on their own, and 91 percent of seniors have chronic health conditions. In most cases, their care rests solely on their loved ones’ shoulders since they want their parents and grandparents to remain home as long as they can.

Levels Of Long-Term Care For Your Loved One

We all wish we could live out our lives in our own homes, surrounded by friends and family while we enjoy our favorite activities and hobbies on our terms. For some, it’s a reality, but for many of us, there’s a good chance long-term care is in our future. Medical advancements are letting us live longer, more active lives, but aging can still take a toll on our bodies and minds.

According to a study by Morningstar, by the year 2020, 12 million Americans will require long-term care. But the care one needs varies by their health status, limitations, and abilities. It may be delivered by a loved one at home or by an elderly care team at a nursing home. An individual may bounce from one level of care to another or remain at one facility the rest of their life.

What is Private Duty Care?

Learn what private duty care is in this 2 minute video.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Who Pays For Home Health Services?

Deciding on a home health care agency can be scary. Figuring out how to pay for their services is even scarier, especially when that patient is on public insurance.

So, you begin asking a few questions: “What programs are they eligible for? How long can they receive them? What limitations are there?”

The good news is, home health care is eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Both plans push for your loved one to stay at home longer because it’s much more affordable than an assisted living or skilled nursing home, and the advantages it offers helps reduce the risk of hospital readmissions and further injury.

However, knowing which plan your loved is eligible for can be tricky.

6 Senior Fitness Tips For A Healthy, Energetic Life

As our age starts to creep up, so can our weight. Decreased hormone production, muscle loss and a more sedentary lifestyle all make keeping the pounds off harder than it used to be when we were younger.

However, adding just a few extra minutes of exercise into your day can rev up your metabolism and slow down the scale. By taking a morning walk around your favorite St. Louis neighborhood or a group exercise class with friends, you can easily incorporate senior wellness tips into your life.

What Are The Different Stages of Dementia

image of an older couple talking about dementia

Learn about the different stages of dementia in this 3 minute video.

5 Tips To Sleep Better

image of older couple sleepingConsidering that we spend so much of our lives (around one-third of it) sleeping, you think we would get better at it as we age!

But studies show that, oftentimes, the opposite is true – especially as we age.

Sleep is important for us as we age because it reduces our risk for both physical and mental decline. With some, the reason for not sleeping enough is physical. For others, the causes can be mental or emotional. It can also be a combination of the two.

Regardless of why you might not be getting as much sleep as you need, there are some things that you can do to improve the quality of your shuteye.

Is Home Health Care the Next Step?

Home Health Care SignsIf your loved one is beginning to show the physical and mental signs of aging, they may require extra care for their safety and comfort. But that doesn’t mean it’s time for an assisted living or a nursing home. In fact, with the right skilled home health, your family member may be able to stay in the house they love for years to come!

To determine if it’s time for your parent or grandparent to receive extra help at home, keep an eye out for any of these 10 red flags.