We’re Thankful for St. Louis Area In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

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The holidays are a time many of us count our blessings. If you’ve recently undergone a life-enhancing surgery or have overcome a life-changing injury this past year, you have a lot to celebrate this season. And when you get to celebrate it surrounded by friends and family in your own home instead of at the hospital, it’s even more rewarding.

Thankfully, Envision Health Partners delivers senior physical therapy directly to patients so you can recover in the comfort of home. And by pairing your custom care plan with a full line of services, including occupational and speech therapy, Envision ensures you don’t have to head out in the harsh St. Louis winter weather to get the geriatric physical therapy you need. No wonder patients continue to put us on their wish list!

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Five reasons why geriatric physical therapy patients share their gratitude with us

Throughout the year, Envision’s senior physical therapy team hears from appreciative patients whose lives have been changed through our in home services. While many received initial care at physical therapy facilities, it wasn’t until care came to them that they truly regained their independence.

What do patients most appreciate about Envision?

  1. Individualized care plans – At many physical therapy offices, you’re constantly vying for your therapist’s attention alongside your fellow patients. But with in home care, you receive one-on-one care from an Envision team member who will work closely with your provider to address your biggest health concerns, helping you reduce pain and increase your mobility.
  2. A holistic approach to recovery – Physical therapy is just the first step on the road to true independence. Envision’s 360-degree care ensures you have access to an in-home team of occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, and nurses who serve the whole person, not just the injury or illness, in order to maximize outcomes.
  3. Geriatric physical therapy experts – Physical therapists help patients of any age bounce back after a muscle, bone or joint injury. But Envision’s staff is specially trained in addressing those issues associated with aging, such as arthritis or diabetes, that can set up a roadblock in your recovery and help you find ways to overcome them.
  4. Guidelines for a safer home – Because Envision physical therapists come to your home, they can go room to room to identify any risk factors for falls or future injuries, such as loose flooring or a lack of handrails. By following their recommendations for simple home modifications, you can lower your chances of rehospitalization.
  5. A complete wellness package – Once you’re cleared from physical therapy, it doesn’t mean your recovery has to end! Envision’s Senior Wellness program allows you to access a variety of classes, from water aerobics to yoga, to keep the momentum going. For just $45 a month, you can treat yourself to as many classes as you like at senior living facilities in St. Louis and St. Charles.
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Finding physical therapy for seniors near me in St. Louis

Instead of spending this season battling holiday traffic to get to and from your senior physical therapy appointments, let Envision bring our 360-degree care plan home to you. With a knowledgeable full-service team combined with personalized care, we can take your physical therapy to the next level on your terms. To learn more about our holistic approach to physical therapy for elderly patients, contact Envision today for your free health assessment.

Need help talking with your parent or other family members?

Feel free to contact us today for a free in-home assessment as we can provide helpful suggestions that will make this difficult conversation a little easier.

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