How to Successfully Navigate Senior Physical Therapy Classes

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Finding a rehab facility to get you back on your feet following an injury is as easy as opening a phone book. Finding one that specializes in geriatric physical therapy - and even more important - offers rehabilitation services after a treatment plan is over can feel downright impossible.

Thankfully, Envision Health Partners in St. Louis offers both at an affordable price! With a full lineup of classes based around physical therapy for seniors as well as free health assessments and wellness programs, you'll recover faster from the unexpected and set a healthier foundation for the future!

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Why physical therapy for elderly patients maximizes your recovery

The average number of physical therapy sessions reimbursed by most insurance companies is seven to 10, depending on the severity of the setback. In some cases, an evaluation may determine your rehabilitation needs to continue with a professional physical therapist. But in others, you may be cleared for release, leaving you to manage your recovery on your own.

At Envision, we believe care doesn't stop the day you leave our rehab center for the last time. With our Senior Wellness program, you can access any of our senior physical therapy classes, led by trained experts, as often as you want for just $45 a month. By continuing your physical therapy through water aerobics, yoga, dance, and strength classes, you can experience benefits that accelerate your recovery and protect you from further injury:

  • Greater range of motion - When your muscles and joints have been out of commission due to an injury, putting them back to work can elevate your pain and stiffness. Through gentle exercises like water aerobics and Tai Chi, you can slowly increase your flexibility, coordination and range of motion as you work toward more intensive workouts, like cardio dance and fusion classes.
  • Improved circulation - According to medical experts, exercise therapy is the number one way to combat peripheral artery disease, which increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. As you get back into an exercise program, you may notice muscle cramps and numbness - sure signs your circulation isn't where it should be. Envision's physical therapists will assist you in every class, building up your endurance to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
  • Enriched cognitive abilities - A study from the National Institutes of Health found that individuals who are more active later in life have a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia. The risk declines even more when they participate in resistance exercise programs over the long-term at least two times a week. For instance, our core strength and functional fitness classes can help you build muscle while bolstering your brain.
  • New friendships – Senior physical therapy classes fight off the loneliness many seniors feel – loneliness that increases one’s risk for depression, dementia and health problems. All of Envision’s group classes are made up of seniors who will cheer you on through each step in your recovery. You’ll feel safe, welcomed and secure at every class you take!
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Finding physical therapy for seniors near me

Locating the right geriatric physical therapy classes in St. Louis and St. Charles has been difficult in the past. But with our free health assessments, the experts at Envision can enroll you in classes that you’ll love and match your current and future fitness goals. Plus, with locations at senior centers across the area, there’s a class conveniently located near you. To learn more about your options, contact Envision today.

Need help talking with your parent or other family members?

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