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At Envision we care about our clients and our community, but most importantly we care about doing what is right, which is why we honor the rights of every person we serve and follow the Patient Bill of Rights as governed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Today I am pleased to share information on a few of these rights with the hope you are able to use them to your benefit.
The Patient Bill of Rights was developed using a combination of federal laws, medical ethics and standards of practice, to protect patients from harm and fraudulent action. These rights are to be provided to you in writing & reviewed with you prior to signing financial agreements and a consent for treatment. All healthcare providers are legally and ethically bound to respecting these rights.
At the very core of Patient’s Rights is #1, THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY & RESPECT. Dignity refers to the state of being worthy or honorable. Respect refers to admiration for someone because of their unique qualities, personal achievements or contribution. At Envision, we believe the foundation of protecting this right is through open, honest communication and transparency in our everyday practice.
#2, THE RIGHT TO MAKE YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE DECISIONS THROUGH INFORMED CONSENT. In order to exercise your right to Informed Consent, it is important that you have an opportunity to obtain accurate information about your current and future care needs, the treatment options that are available, and which area of your health insurance you can utilize to obtain the most services with the least out of pocket cost. It is also important that members of your care team listen to your ideas and suggestions and value and respect your choices in order to ensure you are receiving the care you desire.
#3, THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER goes far beyond using the provider your doctor, insurance company, or hospital discharge planner recommends. In an effort to empower consumers to research their options, Medicare provides easy access for comparing health care providers on their level of quality, customer satisfaction, and areas of achievement or associated risk through the website. This information is very relevant in determining the best provider to meet your needs and how your services will be paid for. Exercising YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE is one of the most important ways you can be your own advocate when making decisions about your treatment plan.
Patients have the right to have their physical, spiritual, personal, and cultural needs met as well as a dedicated personal advocate also known as a patient representative to assist with communication, emotional support and decision making. While considering your choice of provider, be sure to inquire about the agency’s care plan model and how they plan to meet all areas of health and healing. This may include additional programs and services that are available as you move through the healthcare continuum. Ensuring clients are supported in all areas of health & wellness is key to achieving health goals and sustaining a lifestyle that will keep you safe & at home.
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