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two seniors are being assisted by a physical therapist

When you’re in pain following an injury, the last thing you want to do is leave your easy chair for the hard work waiting for you at physical therapy. But the only way to get back on your feet is to put those muscles and bones back to work.

By offering outpatient senior rehab solutions in St. Louis and St. Charles, Envision Health Partners creates an atmosphere of care and support that maximizes a patient’s outcomes. With every leg lift, arm bend and knee flex you do, you have a dedicated team cheering you on at every step.

a physical therapist assisting a senior holding a dumbbell

Enhanced outpatient rehab for elderly patients

For seniors especially, physical therapy can mean the difference between dependence and independence. For instance, researchers found that rehab for seniors reduces one’s chance of reinjury, rehospitalization and even death following a traumatic hip break. In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical therapy helps stroke survivors reach their physical and vocational potential, improve their psychosocial well-being, and reduce the risk of medical complications.

To help seniors take back control of their lives after a physical setback, Envision delivers a 360-degree approach to care for every patient. Our line of services includes:

  • An expert staff focused on rehab for seniors – Recovering from a broken leg, for instance, looks a lot different for a senior in high school than a senior in their golden years. That’s why we staff our team with therapists dedicated to elder care, who combine their knowledge of the latest therapy advancements with unyielding compassion for better results from day one.
  • Custom care plans – You’re a unique individual – that means your care plan should be, too! Your therapist will work on-one-on with you to set a benchmark for your current health, determine your mobility level and pain tolerance, and discover your personal goals to construct a plan that fits your needs at every stage in recovery.
  • A team approach to treatment – Your therapist will stay in close contact with your healthcare provider to ensure you meet the milestones in your rehabilitation. Plus, Envision offers occupational and speech therapy on site and at home for a multilevel, collaborative approach to care.
  • Convenient locations – Envision offers physical therapy services at outpatient facilities and senior living communities across the St. Louis region. We feature the latest in therapy equipment and monitoring tools to help you return to your favorite activities sooner and convenient locations that deliver care on your schedule.
picture of a rehab for seniors with a physical therapist

Finding rehab for seniors near me

If you have a surgery scheduled or are recovering from an injury or medical procedure, contact the outpatient rehab experts at Envision Health Partners in St. Louis. We can schedule you for a free assessment and evaluation to determine the ideal plan for your rehabilitation and work directly with your healthcare team to put it into action. Together, we can get you moving on your road to recovery with the compassionate care you deserve!

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