Rehab for Elderly Patients: Envision is St. Louis’ Best

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It seems like there’s a new physical therapy facility opening up every day in St. Louis. But even among the national chains and hospital system-based options, few can say they specialize in rehab for seniors the way Envision Health Partners can.

Since we opened our doors, our focus has been on helping patients 65 and older battle back after an injury or discover how to manage pain without medication. With a proven combination of exercises, stretching, massage, and therapeutic technology paired with one-on-one treatment from expert physical therapists, Envision’s 360-degree approach to care helps seniors get closer to their goals at every visit.

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Senior rehab solutions for those in their golden years

Seniors can experience many of the same injuries as their younger counterparts – back pain following a car accident, a stress fracture from running, carpal tunnel syndrome from years in front of the computer.

After we turn 65, our risk for a number of conditions rises considerably. And so does the need for senior rehab solutions. At Envision, our physical therapists can help you tackle some of the biggest threats to your overall health and well-being with compassion and care you can count on:

Recovery after a fall – Each year, one out of four seniors over age 65 will have a serious fall that requires hospitalization. It’s not surprising – poor eyesight, medication, balance issues, and slower reflexes can all make us more susceptible to a slip. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, once you have a fall, it doubles your chance of falling again. Envision physical therapists not only help you recover from your injuries, but also help you improve your balance and mobility to reduce the risk of future falls and rehospitalization.

Broken bones – Most of us have had a broken bone at one time in our lives. However, recovery is a lot harder for seniors thanks to the reduced bone density that comes with age. A hip fracture, especially, can be traumatic. Ninety-five percent of broken hips are caused by falling sideways, and one in three adults who experience a fracture over age 50 will die with 12 months. With rehab for seniors, elderly patients can learn how to put weight back on the injured extremity, increase functionality and improve their gait.

Stroke – Rehabilitation after a stroke means more than getting balance and mobility back – in many cases, it means retraining the brain to make specific actions. With constraint-induced movement therapy, for instance, the focus is on strengthening the weaker limbs through repeated movements and motor imagery. Plus, Envision’s geriatric physical therapists work hand-in-hand with our occupational and speech therapists to help seniors get back to where they were before the stroke, or close to it. With the risk of stroke doubling each decade after the age of 55, it’s important to have a facility in mind that specializes in rehab for elderly patients in case the unexpected occurs.

Diseases associated with aging – From cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer’s, Envision’s senior rehab solutions can help ease the symptoms that accompany chronic conditions, and just as important, reduce one’s reliance on opioids and other pain medication that have their own serious side effects. For example, physical therapists combine aerobic and breathing exercises to help patients with COPD train their lung muscles to combat shortness of breath. For those with Parkinson’s, Envision employs exercises that improve flexibility and reduce muscle rigidness.

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Rehab for seniors near me in St. Louis

There are numerous reasons seniors have chosen Envision Health Partners as the best geriatric physical therapy facility in St. Louis and St. Charles. With cutting-edge rehab solutions for seniors and a caring, experienced team to deliver them, we can help you alleviate the pain and frustration that come with an acute injury or chronic illness. To find an office near you or to get your free health assessment, contact Envision today.

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