Occupational Therapist Job Description

RESPONSIBLE TO: Program Director

MAIN FUNCTION:   Evaluates plans and implements programs designed to enhance the physical and psychosocial
functioning while restoring, developing and maintaining the patient’s ability to accomplish activities of daily living.


• Adheres to all Envision Health Partner’s policies and procedures and maintains standards of practice
and documentation that are consistent with State and Medicare regulations and accreditation
• Plans and provides care based on patient and family needs, physician’s plan of care, and the state’s
Occupational Therapy Practice Act.
• Evaluates patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLS) consistent with patient’s specific
age and outcomes of care received.
• Identifies goals, interventions and expected outcomes, and involves the patient and/or caregivers in
the plan of care and any changes in plan depending on ability of patient/caregiver.
• Plan and implement programs and social and interpersonal activity that will assist patients to achieve
maximum ability to perform ADLs.
• Addresses physical, psychological, environmental and safety factors and considers physicians
orders, relevant medical history, patient’s functional status and availability of willing and able
• Assists the physician in assessing the patient’s level of function by applying diagnostic and
therapeutic procedures.
• Performs direct occupational therapy services, based on assessment, evaluation and plan of care.
• Observes and records activities and findings in the clinical record.
• Reports the patient’s reaction to treatment, any changes in the patient’s condition or deviations from
the plan of care to the physician.
• Communicates changes and needs to all appropriate disciplines/caregivers involved in patient’s care
to meet rehabilitation goals and facilitate coordination of care.
• Contacts physician following evaluation to discuss patient status and obtain ongoing orders for care
and visits, as indicated.
• Participates in case conferences, orientation of employees, staff development activities, mandatory
in-service programs and performance improvement program.
• Completes appropriate clinical notes, documents patient limitations and progress, and submits
documentation to the office in a timely manner.
• Provides care consistent with community and professional standards and applicable state and federal
• Uses appropriate interventions to meet physical, psychosocial, environmental and safety needs of the
• Instructs patients, caregivers and other disciplines, and uses various teaching methods, as
appropriate, including demonstration, verbal instruction and written material, in therapeutic
procedures of occupational therapy, to help reach rehabilitation goals.
• Guides and instructs patient in prescribed therapeutic, self-care, and creative activities that are
directed toward improving independence and physical and mental functioning.
• Instructs patient and caregivers in the total occupational therapy program and in the use of prosthetic,
orthotic and assistive devices (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.).
• Develops and implements ongoing discharge instructions, beginning at evaluation and including
coordination of care with other disciplines.
• Occupational Therapist conducts comprehensive reassessments, transfer, and discharge OASIS
assessments if they are the only skilled discipline remaining on the case.
• Maintains confidentiality of OASIS data set, patient medical records, all patient protected health
information, and Family Home Health Services material and business.
• Assumes responsibility for equipment, cleaning, and maintenance, as appropriate.
• Full – time Occupational Therapists must work a minimum of 50 visits per bi-weekly.
• Supervises the occupational therapy assistant and home health aides, when indicated.
• Remains readily available and accessible at all times by two way communication during delivery of
• Reports and records patient status and progress to the Director of Rehabilitation.
• Confirms the scheduling of visits with the Director of Clinical Services, on a weekly basis, to
coordinate care.
• Participates in Performance Improvement activities and identifies areas for improvement.
• Participates in clinical record review as directed by the Director of Clinical Services.

• Graduate of an approved Occupational Therapy Curriculum accredited by the Committee on Allied
Health Education and Accreditation of the AMA and the American Occupational Therapy Association.
• Occupational Therapist currently licensed in the State of Missouri with license in good standing.
• Minimum of two years experience as an Occupational Therapist.
• Maintains current continuing education as required by state licensure.


Reliable transportation, pen, cell phone, Personnel Protective Equipment.


• Able to communicate with scheduling staff and patients/ caregivers to set up appropriate schedule
and report to appointments as scheduled.
• Visual and hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written and verbal communication, including
excellent assessment skills.
• Able to perform transfers of various levels with patients of variable functional ability and maneuver
around the patient’s home environment safely and with ergonomically correct posturing.
• Able to lift between 50 and 100 pounds safely and with appropriate posturing.
• Able to push or pull 75 pounds safely and with appropriate posturing.
• Able to travel up to 200 miles per day.
• Effective time management and organizational skills.
• Able to maintain a positive, supportive attitude with various patient personality types in various
• Demonstrates excellent, and positive interpersonal communication (written and verbal) with the ability
to effectively communicate with internal and external customers.
• Able to competently assess and communicate with patients of various cognitive levels, internal and
external customers, while maintaining professionalism.
• Manual dexterity skills sufficient, to work with patients of various diagnoses, including but not limited
to neuropathic and orthopedic patients of various cognitive levels.
• Evaluative knowledge base to appropriately and accurately assess patient progress and/or change in
over all medical condition.
• Ability to effectively manage time including patient care, paperwork and staff responsibilities.
• Able to work confidently, calmly and positively in emergent situations.
• Follows all Universal Precautions and OSHA regulations.
• Able to professionally, sympathetically and objectively analyze situations involving patient-caregiver,
patient-staff and staff-staff relationships.
• Can perform appropriate testing to determine functional deficits, set realistic goals and carry out plan
of treatment as decided upon between the Physician and the Home Health Team and document
findings accordingly.
• Access to and ability to operate reliable personal transportation.
• Ability to write legibly.


• Reports to work on time and as scheduled.
• Exhibits professional conduct toward internal and external customers, including management staff.
• Displays a positive attitude relative to the company, employees and conduct on the job as an
Occupational Therapist.
• Assists outside agencies readily when dealing with them.
• Has a good attitude toward the work of the company and is loyal to the operations of the company
and its affiliates.
• Represents the Agency at all times in a professional manner.
• Participates in Envision Health Partner’s business development program, in the local service area.
• Dresses professionally and complies with the company’s dress code.
• Assist, cope and manage high levels of stress and emotional situations, when needed.
• Reports all unsafe conditions whether in the office or elsewhere to appropriate individuals as per
• Identifies needs for further orientation, education or information and takes steps to assure their need
is resolved.
• Assumes responsibility for self-development by continually striving to improve his/her therapy
knowledge through educational programs, workshops, active participation in professional and related
organizational meetings and medical literature.
• Maintains knowledge required for position and performs the job expectations.
• Attends all required in-services and meetings.
• Accepts additional workload/responsibility willingly.
• Is a self-starter and requires minimal amount of direction.
• Offers new suggestions to improve operation and/or improve operations.
• Maintains confidentiality on all patients as prescribed by Agency’s policy and procedure.
• Maintains the values of Envision Health Partners.

The company reserves the right to revise and/or change job descriptions and responsibilities as the need arises.
This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.
Job Type: Pay Per Visit

Please contact:
Heather Worrell, 636-695-4330
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