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Does your loved one, spouse, or parent have a health condition that keeps them home-bound? Are you or a loved one considering aging in place? Receiving home health care is an important decision that has more benefits than you think.
As the baby boomer generation ages, more seniors are choosing St. Louis home health services. This is in comparison to retirement communities or assisted living facilities.
Homes are more than just houses. They play a significant role in people's independence, identity, and well-being.
Discover seven core advantages of choosing home health care.

1. Improved Physical Health

A sedentary lifestyle doesn't have to be a concern. Like retirement communities, home health providers also promote an active life.
Many at-home health care professionals offer physical therapy. This is essential for individuals recovering from severe physical injuries at home. Professionals can also provide yoga, aerobics, gardening, and accompany seniors on neighborhood walks.
Even assisting with light housework can promote physical health in homebound individuals.
These activities are essential for physical fitness to help people live longer. Studies show individuals who receive home health care services produce better health outcomes.
A home health care provider can provide that extra boost to seniors and patients who feel depressed at home too. Sometimes people need a little extra push to try something new that's good for their health.
These benefits are a lifesaver for family members who do as much as they can, but can't be there 24-hours a day. Specifically to help with morning walks, light exercise, and other physically demanding activities.

2. Mental Health Benefits

Improved physical fitness isn't the only health benefit of St. Louis home health care. Another reason experts see better results with home health care is mental health benefits.
There are several mental health benefits of home services:
Here's a quick rundown:
  • Frequent mental stimulation
  • Conversation and companionship
  • The psychological benefits of socializing
  • The feeling of safety and security
  • Creativity and storytelling
Home health care providers listen to their clients. This has significant benefits for mental health. A home health care professional can also ease anxiety in patients.
They also provide at-home patients with activities to manage anxiety and combat depression. Activities like crochet, coloring, knitting, gardening, and puzzles improve mental health in seniors.
Physical and mental health both impact each other. Seniors who go on daily walks also reap the psychological benefits of fresh air and nature.
At-home health care professionals can also administer prescription medications to seniors and patients. This ensures one's medication schedule isn't thrown off track. Consistency is vital for both physical and mental health in seniors.

3. Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

One of the biggest worries for both seniors and their loved ones is security.
Living alone poses a host of security challenges. Safety concerns only worsen those challenges for seniors and recovering patients. They aren't always physically or cognitively able to defend themselves or call the authorities.
While products like life alert help, they're not foolproof. Plus, seniors and patients could lose their alert devices or refuse to wear them all together. Security systems, though essential, can also be faulty at the worst times — you can never be too careful!
The best way to enhance safety, security, and peace of mind are to have another individual present. Moreover, home health care professionals are trained in CPR and other emergency medical protocols.
One of the most overlooked security concerns is mail. Mail tampering is a federal crime, but it still happens, and seniors are a frequent target.
Stolen mail can lead to an identity theft nightmare for seniors. They're more likely to be targeted than any other age group. Retirement account information, credit card numbers, and bank information are all vulnerable. Homehealth care services prevent this problem by ensuring a professional is on-site to receive and safeguard mail.
Home health care providers rigorously perform background checks, so that clients can trust their mail is in good hands.
Another security concern is slips and falls. This problem is more than just a safety issue.
For example, seniors are more likely to fall with the lights shut off, especially if they're ill or half-asleep. Along with installing motion sensor lights, hire a St. Louis home health professional to help you or your loved one get from one place to another without stumbling.
This type of service is essential for caretakers and family members. Especially for those who need to get out of town temporarily, but worry about leaving their aging loved ones alone.

4. Expect Hospital-Level Care

There will come a time when you or your aging loved one will need hospital-level care at home. Fortunately, today's home health services provide 5-star hospital-level care to patients.
Homebound patients and seniors receive the same care that they would find at a hospital, emergency room, physical therapy rehab, and any other medical facility.
You don't have to worry about scary outdated equipment either. Home health care medical equipment is the same equipment used in major medical facilities.
Home health care professionals equip homes with the following medical devices and more:
  • Adjustable hospital beds
  • Bathroom and bathing safety aids
  • Wheelchairs and walkers
  • Motorized scooters
  • Respiratory machines
  • Orthopedic supplies
  • Patient lifts
  • Standings aids
You can also count on home health care professionals to stock homes with proper would care equipment, basic first aid, and incontinence supplies. Professionals also monitor patients' health conditions through the night.
Like any other hospital or medical facility, home health care services also follow HIPAA rules and regulations.
HIPAA ensures that at-home seniors have every right to ask about their medical conditions and expect accurate information in return. But it also means that seniors, who still have power of attorney, can request that home health care provider not disclose certain details about their health to family members.
Home health workers also follow the same HIPAA patient privacy protocols, just like any other medical facility. All workers are trained in HIPAA compliance prior to visiting patients at home.

5. Home Is Where the Heart Is

Homes play such a vital role in people's identity, culture, senior independence, and well-beingHouses contain decades of special memories and moments. Walk into a senior's house, and you'll find the walls covered with family photos and memorabilia. More importantly, houses and mementos play a monumental role in preserving cognitive health in seniors. This is just one reason why St. Louis's home services are so unique.
Seniors who have lived in their homes for decades find it challenging to acclimate to assisted living facilities. The loss of independence and familiar surroundings can be traumatic for many seniors and patients. These changes are understandably overwhelming. These challenges also beg the question if moving to a new location is worth the additional mental strain.
Instead, professional home health services let seniors preserve their routines. Forcing someone out of their comfort zone isn't always the best idea. Now that home health care is more accommodating, seniors and patients finally have a choice they're comfortable with.
With a home health provider nearby, seniors can preserve the family unit as well. That means seniors can still celebrate holidays, milestone birthdays, and family reunions at home with their loved ones.
Professional home health care workers can also stick around for family events to ensure their patients are doing okay. This type of attention allows family members to enjoy themselves without worrying about slips, falls, medication schedules, and other medical emergencies.
For best results, equip the entire home with hospital-level equipment, devices, and medical supplies. Your home health specialists will help you with this step.

Discover the Benefits of St Louis Home Health Services

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