Envision Offers St. Louis’ Best In Home Health Care Services

nurse smiling with elderly as part of the best in home health care services

Sometimes the most dreaded side effect of a surgery or injury isn’t necessarily the pain or the rehabilitation, but the loss of independence that too often comes along with it.

The in home health care providers at Envision Health Partners in St. Louis understand that you want to recover as quickly as possible to return to the things you enjoy. And if a full recovery isn’t possible, that simple modifications can be made to help you live in the home you love for as long as you can.

Through a custom care plan and a skilled, dedicated staff, you can continue to maintain the independent life aging or illness too often tries to steal away from you.

nurse and senior smile together for the best in home health care services

Why in home health care for elderly patients is so important

According to researchers, older individuals fear losing their independence more than illness or even death. The loss of control, the inability to perform everyday tasks for themselves, and a lack of choices can be devastating for any senior, sinking them into loneliness or depression. For those recouping from a medical condition, the frustration can slow the recovery process and even stop it altogether.

By bringing care directly to you in your own home, Envision home health care services keeps you out of a rehab facility or nursing home and back at where you’re most comfortable. From day one, we work closely with you to understand your daily challenges and develop solutions to overcome them, both physically and mentally. Although we work closely with your medical team, caretakers and family members, our overall focus is on you and your goals for recovery.

To maximize outcomes and restore personal value to patients, our team provides a holistic approach to care, which includes:

  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy that accelerates your recovery and improves your quality of life
  • Home care nurses who assist with medication management, wound treatment and the administration of injections
  • Medical social workers who navigate you through insurance, financial assistance and long-term care planning
  • Certified nurse assistants who help with daily activities, like bathing and grooming, and monitor your overall health
  • Dietary consultation for customized plans geared to your health issues and tips for making meal preparation easier
  • Spiritual partners dedicated to your overall emotional well-being throughout the recovery process

In addition, through in home health care services, your team can provide recommendations and institute modifications that help you remain in your home without outside assistance. From suggestions for lift furniture that prevent falls to simple tricks you can use to remember your medication, our overall goal at each and every visit is to help you live your best life on your terms.

nurse assisting an injured senior as part of the best in home health care services

Finding in home health care in St. Louis

Whether you’re currently overcoming an injury or illness or preparing for surgery down the road, there’s no better time than now to contact the in home health care services department at Envision for your free health assessment. By understanding your acute and overall health worries better, we can put together a comprehensive team of skilled professionals who will deliver the care you need in the comfort of your own home.

Need help talking with your parent or other family members?

Feel free to contact us today for a free in-home assessment as we can provide helpful suggestions that will make this difficult conversation a little easier.

Need Some Help Navigating Through Senior Health?

Aging in place comes with its own benefits and challenges.

From tips on having “the talk” with Mom or Dad to choosing treatment plans for a loved one, this free ebook helps to make care decisions easier for everyone.