The Best Senior Home Care Services in St. Louis

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Many St. Louis senior home care companies are well-equipped to handle acute healthcare issues. Yet few offer wellness programs that empower patients to live a healthier, more active lifestyle overall. That’s where Envision Health Partners step in, providing a complete program to serve patients at every stage in their recovery – during and after.

When a senior becomes ill or injured, the road to recovery doesn’t end on their last day of therapy. True well-being in one’s golden years requires a holistic approach to care. One that treats their physical, mental, and emotional needs for years to come.

Getting seniors up and moving

Two of the biggest threats to a senior’s health are isolation and depression. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13.5 percent of elders who are confined to their homes for care experience depression.

Envision offers a 360-degree approach to senior home care. This allows seniors to embrace this time in their life, even when met with the physical challenges of aging. In addition to delivering high-quality senior home care services in St. Louis, Envision offers wellness services and programs geared to each patient’s individual needs and goals.

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Certified nursing assistance

As a senior recovers, they may need additional care to help with daily activities as well as companionship when family members and friends are unavailable. Envision CNAs can assist with personal services, such as dressing, grooming, and monitor your loved one’s health needs.

Dietary consultations

A health issue may require a complete change in a senior’s lifestyle, especially when it comes to what’s on their dinner plate. Experienced nutritionists can help elders choose the right foods. They can demonstrate smarter cooking methods, and find recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

Spiritual care and social work

For seniors who are frustrated by the challenges in their life and need support from a caring individual, Envision’s spiritual partners can come to the home to help them rediscover their passions in life and regain the self-confidence to take on whatever is in front of them. If needed, we can bring social workers to guide them on social services, financial assistance, and other critical programs.

Physical and emotional wellness programs

Our wellness programs at senior living centers across St. Louis offer options for seniors to make new friends, broaden their horizons, and engage their creative side. Your loved one can take part in workshops, join an art class, try yoga or Tai Chi. We help them enjoy outings with their fellow seniors.

Depending on their health status and comfort level, a senior can take advantage of one service – or a variety of services – to help them live their best life possible, as independently as possible.

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The benefits of holistic home health care

A study from Population Health Management found that when seniors participate in physical and social activities, they report better emotional health and less impairment in daily activities, allowing them to live more independently. In addition, over three years, active participants had a slower trajectory toward declining health compared to seniors who remained home-bound. Moreover, Psychology Today noted that increased socialization boosts one’s brain health and lowers the risk of dementia.

For your loved one, a holistic approach to care is key to their long-term health and happiness. That’s why it’s important to work with a resource that takes their entire well-being in mind, not just the injury at hand.

Your St. Louis senior home care expert

When searching for the best mix of resources for your loved one, look no further than Envision Health Partners, which offers a complete lineup of the best senior home care services in St. Louis. With our free health assessment, we can determine where your loved one is physically and emotionally, and develop a complete program to address their full range of needs. To schedule an assessment, contact our team for more details.

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