Exercise Classes for Seniors


Exercise Classes for Seniors

Get a social life even your kids will envy!

There’s a world of new activities to try, new things to learn, and new connections to be made at Envision Home Health events throughout St. Louis and St. Charles counties!

Specially designed for and by seniors, Envision’s action-packed classes and activities let you explore your creative side. Try your hand at yoga or our new SilverSneakers Flex classes. With a variety of choices available, there’s no shortage of fun or lack of new friends you can make.

Best of all, most programs are included at no extra cost with Envision’s Wellness Program membership.

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Exercise Programs for Seniors

It’s time for Mom or Dad to ditch the recliner and TV for a more active lifestyle! Our exercise program for seniors are located at senior communities throughout St. Louis and offer a variety of exercise and enrichment classes to help your loved one improve their health, find new interests, socialize with others, and just have fun!  This isn’t all bingo and board games, but rather exciting activities that engage your family member’s mind and body for a happier, healthier life living at home!

The mission of our senior fitness classes is to improve the physical, social, and emotional health of our members by providing preventative health services, socialization, and a continued relationship that embraces a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional Wellness Overview

Physical activity is just one part of a healthy lifestyle – seniors need to exercise their minds as well to strengthen their cognitive capacity, boost memory, and improve their overall mental health.

Why Consider Our Wellness Program for Seniors?

One of the greatest risks to a senior’s overall health isn’t age or illness – it’s isolation. Loneliness is linked to everything from dementia to hospital readmission. But you can’t always be at home with your loved one, and you can’t always drive them around town to activities.

Compared to the alternatives our wellness program is a holistic alternative to traditional adult day care in St. Louis. Ran from inside senior and assisted living communities across the area, our wellness program is membership-based, costing just $45 per month, and is open to all center residents as well as to any seniors still living in their own homes.

Membership includes all exercise classes, health screenings, and community events – and your loved one can attend as many activities they like, as often as they like! Depending on your loved one’s insurance, the Program may even qualify for SilverSneakers™ reimbursement.

Values Built on Care and Compassion

Our fundamentals to success start with the core values demonstrated in our corporate decisions, services, and partnerships.

Quality - an Envision Health Partners Core Value


We are fully committed to delivering the best in quality care through holistic models of health and wellness. Our caregivers meet the highest standards of expertise, professionalism, and compassion.


We adhere to a code of ethics culminating in honest, legal, and dignified business activities. We demonstrate our integrity by always conducting ourselves in a professional, ethical, and transparent manner.


We are committed to and are responsible for all our choices, actions and reactions, and accept all accountability should we not live up to the highest of expectations of our valued clients and ourselves.


We strive for truth in all our communications, support those around us, and foster long-term relationships with our partners who, like us, respect the individuality of each loved one we are blessed to walk alongside.

What A Recent Member Had to Say

I have been a resident at Park Place at Winghaven for six years When Envision took over the fitness program, their silver sneakers and Water Aerobics exercises make an improvement to my physical and mental health. Their presentations were full of fun as well as being beneficial to my well being. This made my being healthy fun and encouraged my further participation. My wife has recently used Envision's Physical Therapy department and has experienced a marked reduction of her back pain. Envision has earned our highest recommendation.  George A.

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