Navigating Personal Care Home Health in St. Louis, MO

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Providers can diagnose and treat a condition, but without actually stepping inside a patient’s home, they can’t be certain a senior is taking the proper steps to recover – or making lifestyle changes to ensure the injury or illness doesn’t reoccur. However, with personal care home health services, a patient has an at-home team dedicated to them with a plan customized to their needs.

A St. Louis home health company like Envision Health Partners works one on one with a senior’s medical team, serving as the patient’s advocate and ensuring a provider’s care plan is continued at home. By delivering the exact personal home care services one needs, Envision can determine any setbacks on a patient’s road to recovery and get them back on track sooner.

 At Envision Health Partners we offer free in home assessments to build a personal care plan for your loved one

Building a personal care plan from day one

The right home health company doesn’t just hand a nurse, therapist or aide a patient file and send them on their way to a senior’s home. Maximizing outcomes requires meaningful conversations with a patient, their medical team and their family – and then translating medical reports and feedback into a custom care plan.

At Envision, every program begins with a free patient assessment. In addition to determining their medical needs, we discover their personal goals for recovery, whether that’s getting back to their favorite hobbies or just having the ability to continue living independently in the home they love. We learn their challenges – emotional and physical – that hold them back from meeting their objectives and craft a plan with their medical providers to overcome them.

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The right care team at home

For some patients, skilled home health services, such as wound care, medication education or disease management, may be all they need to bounce back from an injury or illness. But for the majority of seniors, Envision’s 360-degree, team-driven approach focuses on recovery as well as prevention, overall well-being and independent living.

For instance, if a senior suffers a traumatic hip fracture, Envision’s physical and occupational therapists can deliver care at home after she leaves the hospital. They’ll not only help her recuperate physically, they’ll teach her new ways to move safely around her home to prevent re-injury. As she recovers, a certified nurse assistant can help her with grooming, bathing and dressing while a dietary consultant can help her create healthy meals that are easier to prepare. If being confined to her house leaves her sad or depressed, Envision’s spiritual partners can offer at-home sessions that inspire and motivate.

With a streamlined focus on care from one agency, seniors can get all the same medical and therapy services they would receive in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home, but now in the comfort of home. The result? They not only meet, but exceed their health care goals!

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A leading St. Louis home health care company

With more than 12 million people in the U.S. needing home care each year, many St. Louis home health agencies sacrifice personal care to grow their patient load and profits. At Envision, we cater our services to each and every patient, delivering the right care at every stage of their recovery, and in many cases, even when they’re back on their feet. To discover the Envision difference, contact our team to schedule a free health assessment for your loved one.

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