Outpatient Rehab Services

St. Louis Home Health & Outpatient Rehab for Seniors

A More Active Life is Right in Reach

Illness or injury can steal away your loved one’s independence. Through our Outpatient Rehab Center our goal is to help them take it back – and hold on to it for as long as possible. Whether a senior is leaving a hospital for home, or from home health care to a more active, mobile life, our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists is there at every step.

Our Mission for Outpatient Rehab

The mission of our Outpatient Rehab Center is to enhance each individual's desire to meet their unique potential in recovery and function while inspiring lifestyle changes that will optimize quality of life.

A Customized Recovery Plan for Your Loved One You Can Trust

Therapists in our Outpatient Rehab Center in St. Louis create a customized recovery plan for each patient. We help seniors grow stronger by the day and we stay by their side as they work toward greater independence. Seniors don’t just improve their mobility and reduce pain; they learn the skills needed to keep that momentum going long after their rehab is over.

Because the physical and cognitive needs of seniors differ from other outpatient rehab patients, we staff centers with therapists who specialize in geriatric care and gear our equipment and high-tech treatment plans toward their specific challenges.

You can trust that your loved one will be safe and cared for at every visit. And just as important, they’ll enjoy the confidence and camaraderie that comes with working – and succeeding – alongside other seniors facing the same obstacles.

St. Louis Home Health & Rehabilitation Services

For seniors who suffer from a setback in their mobility, flexibility, or speech, the road to recovery can be frustrating. That’s why we make outpatient rehabilitation as convenient as possible with locations close to home and a collaborative, cross-team approach to care. Our therapists carefully monitor your family member’s care at each appointment and make adjustments as needed to help them reach their goals sooner. We’re here to help your loved one move forward to get back to where they want to be.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Include:

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We strive for truth in all our communications, support those around us, and foster long-term relationships with our partners who, like us, respect the individuality of each loved one we are blessed to walk alongside.

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