In Home Physical Therapy Services for Your St. Louis Senior

Woman assisting a senior to lift dumbbells for in home physical therapy

The road to recovery following an injury or illness can be a long one. Not only does a senior have to deal with the pain and immobility, but also the depression, isolation and frustration that come along with them.

However, with Envision Health Partners’ in home physical therapy for seniors in St. Louis and St. Charles, high-quality care is delivered right where they live, helping them get back to the life they want sooner. With a wide range of services, compassionate therapists and personalized care plans, Envision ensures your loved one doesn’t have to leave home for the best therapy in the region.


A senior stretching while a nurse is helping In home physical therapy

Custom care built around a senior’s needs

According to a study from the University of West Florida, 41 percent of physical therapy patients fail to attend either their first or subsequent therapy appointment. For a senior struggling to regain their independence following a health setback, missing even one visit is especially detrimental to their recovery.

Because Envision brings in home physical therapy for elderly services directly to those who need it most in St. Louis, seniors are more likely to stick to their plan and see results sooner. They also experience additional benefits that positively impact their care and comfort:

  • Greater results – When seniors adhere to their plan, the risk of falls, hospital readmittance and additional injury decreases significantly. Their pain declines while their balance, flexibility and range of motion improve.
  • Enhanced convenience – Seniors no longer have to plan their entire day around an outpatient appointment or spend time in an uncomfortable car ride. Therapy takes just one hour and is done right in the convenience and comfort of home.
  • One-on-one care – In many outpatient facilities, therapists may be working with two or three patients at one time. With Envision in home care, the focus is completely on your loved one to ensure exercises are performed correctly and concerns are addressed immediately.
  • An eye on the home – By delivering care in the home, therapists can uncover any issues that may be obstacles in the patient’s rehabilitation, such as loose flooring that could lead to falls. Therapists can also make adaptations to the home to make cooking, bathing and housework easier for seniors while they recover.
  • Custom care plans – Whether a senior needs to improve their flexibility, manage the effects of aging or recover from surgery, Envision will develop a customized plan focused on their specific goals. In addition, because we offer a full line of care, we can also integrate in home occupational therapy, speech therapy and home care aide services into any program.
  • Lower costs – Studies show that physical therapy lowers health care costs from injury reoccurrences and a reliance on expensive pain medications. In addition, Envision in home physical therapy accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare, so seniors have one less thing to worry about as they recover.
a senior and a nurse smiling together

In home physical therapy services near me

If your loved one requires physical therapy services in St. Louis or St. Charles, keep their care at home instead of racing around town. Not only does our team of experienced geriatric physical therapists deliver compassionate, high-quality care, but does it on your senior’s schedule so you both can skip the trip to an outpatient appointment. To learn more about our in home physical therapy for seniors, contact us today for a free health assessment.

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